Laser Physics

Remember, you were warned about having to endure some physics.   The following videos are from a lecture in Washington, DC in August 2009.  David Harris, PhD, is the Director of Science and Clinical Trials for the PinPointe FootLaser.

Laser is an acronym.  It stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  This first clip gives a quick overview of the physics behind the laser.  What is lasing and how is it accomplished?

The second clip discusses in a general manner, how a laser works.

The third clip is what I call “gaming the physiology”.  The Pinpointe Footlaser’s wavelength and pulse structure is such that the fungus absorbs the laser energy faster then the host tissue, so it is destroyed before damage to the toe occurs.  The half second of laser pulses ends before tissue damage can occur, but since we are skating on the edge of where the patient starts to feel something, there can be a sensation of warmth or heat for a moment.